from the pages of strant magazine issue 001; Ellen Webber – Holding Patterns

photo by Ellen Webber from the series, Holding Patterns

This week instead of the usual fodder featured on Camera Reality,
I will be sharing work from the contributors to the first issue of Strant Magazine
which is currently for sale in print (and digital) edition via MagCloud.

These photographs are by Ellen Webber, from her series Holding Patterns.  The series explores identity and more specifically, how we identify ourselves through the things we possess.  In an attempt to understand others better and perhaps in doing so understand herself, Ellen has been shooting Holding Patterns, her subject being garage, estate, and yard sales.  There is something peculiar about these sales.  These possessions that supposedly define us all but discarded by their owner, for sale usually for little or nothing.  In her statement Ellen writes, “Maybe I relate too strongly to my own possessions as a reflection of myself.  Sometimes it’s difficult for me to part with the material; sometimes the outside temporarily fills the inside.”  It is difficult to define ourselves if we strip away our possessions and take away what we do.  So then who are we once we sell those items at a garage sale?  Are we all just empty inside?  I do not believe we are.  We are something more than what we possess.  An amalgamation of experience, thought, body, community, and history.  But it is easier to define us by that which can be reduced down, be it our furniture or our wardrobe.  Those things are easily understood.  But, as evidenced by Ellen Webber’s Holding Patterns, that does not satisfy our need to be defined.

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photo by Ellen Webber from the series, Holding Patterns

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